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Welcome, my name is Jessica Ordenana-Papa I started this cause because I am a K.i.D - Kids of International Deportees is in the process of becoming a Non Profit Organization. K.i.D will be a program that will focus on Children of Deportees. Not everyone is aware of what an epidemic this situation has become. I will help these children with social, financial, employment, education, legal & mental health concerns. In addition, to have a place young children & adolescents can talk to other kids that are in the same situation & most importantly keep in touch with their parent(s). This all comes from a personal experience with my mother & how badly it affected my siblings & me. Please help me, spread the word to everyone. If you or someone you know that has been or will be affected by their parent(s) being deported. Please contact me, Kids of International Deportees, You're not alone! I know what you & your families are going through. Let's Break the Silence together! Join K.i.D today, membership is Free for children between the 3rd grade - High School. Best, Jessica, child of a deportee! Email: Official Website: MY SUPPORT TEAM: Victor J. Papa: Director of Immigrant Social Service Mark Handelman: Executive Director of Hamilton Madison House Michael Musa: Immigration Lawyer Dr. Rosa Gil: Ceo/Founder of Comunilife Dr. Juan Carlos Dumas: Psychologist K.i.D BROAD MEMBERS: Michael Musa- Immigration Lawyer, Dr. Costantino- Psychologist & Nina Costantino- Philanthropist
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Want to know how we’re going to hold Republicans accountable for blocking immigration reform? Here’s what we’re thinking.

As we’ve said before, Colorado is a hugely important state as we approach elections this November. The growing immigrant population there is gaining political power and Latino, Asian and immigrant voters could decide the outcome of two key tight races.

That’s why we’re throwing down in Colorado! We already have staff on the ground and we’re going to ensure Republicans there pay a heavy price for blocking immigration reform.

For too long, Rep. Mike Coffman and Rep. Cory Gardner in Colorado have been getting away with saying one thing on immigration and then doing another. Republicans like them are counting on the fact that during a midterm election, Latino and immigrant voters are less likely to turn out to vote.  Our partners in Colorado are already gearing up to register and mobilize tens of thousands of immigration voters and we’re going to be making sure every voter knows just how bad Gardner and Coffman’s immigration records are.

We need your help to make sure we can advertise and earn media over the next several months to get as many voters out to the polls in Colorado as we can.

Click here to donate and support our work to hold Republicans accountable for inaction on immigration reform.

On June 30th, President Obama signaled to the nation that he is ready to take executive action to keep families together. After years of fighting for humane and real immigration reform, this is welcome news for our communities, who hope that Presidential relief can provide an end to deportations and the ability to work legally.

But we cannot take any relief for granted. The current humanitarian crisis of unaccompanied children coming to the border – and to New York - has triggered an anti-immigrant backlash that could delay and completely undo any major Administrative Relief. We must act NOW and we must act aggressively to ensure the President makes good on his promise and that he provides the BROADEST possible Administrative Relief for our communities.

Can we count on you? Here’s what you can do TODAY to join us in our new 
#ALLIn4Relief Campaign:

TELL PRESIDENT OBAMA: We Need Relief for All!
CALL: (866) 473-5915

Tell Him: "I’m from [City, State, Community], I urge President Obama to keep his promise to fix as much of the immigration system as possible. The President has the authority to alleviate the suffering of our community. We ask him to provide the broadest possible administrative relief to our immigrant communities NOW!”


Show your support for administrative relief on social media by facebooking, instagramming, and tweeting this photo and use the hashtag #ALLIn4Relief.


Help plan a Town Hall in August with your Congressional Representative to ensure he/she will take an aggressive stance for and with our families! Email for more information. 

Be on the lookout for a national digital action in which supporters can take a photo in support of administrative relief and post online!

We are developing postcard petitions to send to President Obama to show him that thousands of people in our communities want administrative relief now! Stay tuned and check in the coming weeks to find out how to get a postcard to send to the White House.

Education Advocacy current RFP deadline July 28, 2014

released by United Way of NYC for CBOs to provide services at elementary, middle, high and transfer schools.
This is part of the Mayor’s Community Schools Initiative and while it’s focused on attendance improvement and dropout prevention, services can include family engagement, academic support, counseling/mentoring, and post-secondary readiness. This RFP is to select CBOs to be in a Catalogue of Service Providers. The 40 schools participating in the program will then select CBO partners from this list in a second step before any funding is allocated. 
On average, selected lead CBO’s will be awarded 300,000 in annual funds. Please let us know if you plan to apply. Click HERE for more info on the RFP.

A planeload of Honduran children were deported back to to their potential death on Tuesday. After deporting nearly 2 million people since taking office, President Obama is now deporting Central Americans refugees who are fleeing record-levels of violence. 

And to make matters worse, Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) and Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) have proposed the “HUMANE” (Helping Unaccompanied Minors and Alleviating National Emergency) Act, which is anything but humane; the proposal seeks to fast track the deportation of children and mothers to their possible death and further militarizes the Southern border. It’s despicable, and shows just how heartless and out of touch some Members of Congress are on the issue of refugee children.

We were in McAllen, Texas last week, meeting with families and children that were being cared for in shelters, many of them afraid and hungry after a treacherous journey, and instead of protecting them from the violence they fled, Washington is seeking to politicize them and use them to push political agendas.

We remain committed to reminding America of its moral obligation to truly protect defenseless refugee children, something that is lost between the border and Washington. We will continue fighting so these families are not stripped of their rights by hate-mongering politicians who see them as “invaders” and not as refugees.

In solidarity, 

Julieta Garibay
Legislative Affairs Associate 
United We Dream

Thanks to your pressure, Jose Antonio Vargas has been released! But this isn’t the case for most undocumented immigrants.

Our undocumented community along the border is trapped within its own country, unable to leave and surrounded by checkpoints. It’s immoral that people aren’t free to move around the country they know as home because of a system that seeks to criminalize them.

Jose’s arrest is proof that our immigration system is broken, and was created to only tear our families apart, and this is more prevalent on the border. His arrest would have never happened if the president would expand DACA to our undocumented friends and family.

Our fight for administration relief continues! It’s time for our families to be liberated, it is time for our families to be free! It is time to expand DACA!! Thank you for all you do!

Tania Chavez 
Minority Affairs Council

It has been a month of exciting wins for immigrants in New York City!
Last week, the New York Immigration Coalition was joined by New York City Council’s Immigration Chair Carlos Menchaca to announce a landmark $10.3 million dollars to expand several key programs for immigrant communities.This week, Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into law ground-breaking new City Council legislation to create a new municipal ID program for all New Yorkers.

These are major victories for the City’s immigrant communities and will provide critical help for over three million immigrants:

The New York City Identity Card, which will facilitate the opening of bank accounts, filing of police reports, access to government buildings, leasing of apartments, and much more, will be available to all New Yorker regardless of immigration status starting January 2015;
    -The Immigrant Opportunities Initiative (IOI), which provides critically-needed services that are a lifeline for immigrant communities, received $5.3 million dollars for expanded adult literacy, ESL programs, and legal services;
    -The New York Immigrant Family Unity Project, a groundbreaking initiative to provide free legal representation to New Yorkers detained by immigration authorities, received $4.9 million dollars, making New York the first city in the nation to have such a public defender program;
    -CUNY Citizenship Now! Legal Services received $1 million dollars to provide on-site immigration and naturalization services at the offices of City Council members and throughout the city;
    -The Adult Literacy Council Initiative was enhanced with an additional $750,000 for a total of $2.25 million to expand opportunities for hard-working New Yorkers to continue their education;
    -The Cultural Immigrant Initiative received $1.5 million dollars to support cultural organizations to provide programming based on the vibrant cultural heritage of the City’s immigrant communities in New York City and increase access to unique cultural offerings.

We want to thank Mayor de Blasio, Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, Councilmembers Carlos Menchaca and Daniel Dromm, and our member organizations and partner agencies for working with us to advocate for these major victories for immigrant New Yorkers.

These wins would not be possible without the support of allies such as you! We ask that you consider making a donation to help us continue to achieve victories for immigrants in the City and across New York State.



When in doubt #repeat

When in doubt #repeat

Join The New York Immigration Coalition at the Brooklyn Public Library to hear filmmakers, authors and advocates share their expertise on expanding the conversation about immigration through art and storytelling!The New York Immigration Coalition along with our partners, and  will facilitate this panel with immigrant artist on the last day of Immigrant Heritage Month. Atlas: DIY will exhibit young immigrants’ paintings depicting episodes of their American experience.Take a moment to RSVP today!Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. Bring your friends, family, and colleagues!

Join The New York Immigration Coalition at the Brooklyn Public Library to hear filmmakers, authors and advocates share their expertise on expanding the conversation about immigration through art and storytelling!
The New York Immigration Coalition along with our partners, and  will facilitate this panel with immigrant artist on the last day of Immigrant Heritage Month. Atlas: DIY will exhibit young immigrants’ paintings depicting episodes of their American experience.

Take a moment to RSVP today!
Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. Bring your friends, family, and colleagues!

It’s not looking good for Republicans.
Rep. Luis Gutierrez, our champion for immigration reform in Congress, has repeatedly said that if Republicans don’t act by the July 4th recess, then the window will be closed for immigration reform and we’ll look to the President to take action on behalf of immigrant families.
Well, time is almost up and soon we’ll see whether Republicans have included immigration on their work plan for July. If not, we’ll know they’ve blocked it, plain and simple.
Today, House Republicans elected Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California their new Majority Leader. He comes from an agricultural district with lots of Latinos, so if anyone should get how important this is, it’s him.
Right now Rep. McCarthy has a chance to save the GOP from the cliff it’s approaching at full-speed. He knows first hand that in California, it was the anti-immigrant policies of former Governor Pete Wilson that mobilized Latinos, turned the state blue, and have thrown California to every Democratic nominee for President since.
All eyes are on Kevin McCarthy as he decides whether to schedule an immigration reform vote in the House — where it would pass — or repeat California’s mistakes and let anti-immigrant extremists like Steve King drive the GOP off the cliff. 

Tell Obama & Democrats: Don’t Cower before Anti-Immigrant Republicans!

If Republican Rep. Darrell Issa had his way, he would kill DACA and put Dreamers like me on a pathway to deportation. 

Unfortunately, after spending this congressional session blocking immigration reform and voting to defund DACA, Republicans are now trying to repeal it. And if that’s not enough, they’re using the crisis of children fleeing Central American violence to justify their opposition to immigrant youth and our families. It’s nasty politics that they should be ashamed of playing.  

Now, more than ever, we need President Obama and Democrats to show real, bold leadership.

Around this time three years ago, about 11 hours before the New York Times posted my “coming out” essay, I wondered, would anyone really care? Who would read a 4,000-word essay on immigration? Could one specific story—my story, a story I was afraid and ashamed to tell—-underscore a greater universal truth about immigration and citizenship in a changing America?

Then, the next day, June 22, 2011, life changed—for the better.

More than 250 events in 44 states later— Define Americanis growing from a campaign into a nationally recognized non-profit organization thanks to the contributions of our generous donors and supporters. All I can say is thank you. You find purpose when you find gratitude. Maraming salamat, muchas gracias, thank you to all of you: for supporting me, for challenging me, for helping give my life purpose.

Help us celebrate 3 years by showing your support.  Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution today and make it possible for Define American to continue to change culture, hearts and effect change!

Together, we can continue to shift culture and give a voice to the estimated 11.7 million undocumented immigrants who are not being heard.  Together, we are re-defining American. Thanks for your Support!

This could be our biggest moment ever.
Our dear friend Jose Antonio Vargas at Define American has directed and produced his first film called “Documented” and it’s premiering this Sunday, June 29, on CNN! The film shines a light on one of the most important civil and human rights conversations of our time: immigration, and we want to make sure everyone gets to see it. 

Watching “Documented” live on CNN with a group of friends, active members of your community, or people who have misconceptions about immigration could be the perfect way to open up new dialogue and shift the conversation.
By hosting a watch party, you can be an active part of the live dialogue on CNN! These watch parties can also double as another kind of event, like a fundraiser for United We Dream or a local organization. It’s your party — so, it’s up to you!
When you register your watch party, our partners at Define America will reach out and send you a toolkit, free gear for your guests and direct assistance from their communications and engagement team!


    Everyone MUST renew!
    Send during the 5th month before your DACA expires
    Remember to use the NEW Form I-821D
    Don’t forget the Form I-765 and Form I-765WS
    Renewing your DACA will cost $465

Join the New York Immigration Coalition and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for an informational session in Manhattan!

June 26th, 2014 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Community Church of New York
40 East 35th Street (between Madison and Park)
New York, New York 10016

JOIN US, I will be attending The New York Immigration Coalition
This SATURDAY JUNE 28 at 12pm at 26 Federal Plaza
In solidarity with allies nationwide, join New Yorkers for Real Immigration Reform in support of immigrant families to say:

-Stop Separating Immigrant Families

-Not one more deportation

-Congress and the President must act NOW

National Day to Stop Separating Families
WHEN: THIS Saturday June 28 at 12pm
WHERE: 26 Federal Plaza between Worth and Duane Street
WHAT: Rally and human chain in support of families impacted by deportation
For more information go to or search #J28NY on social media